Expeditions and other Adventures

Are you planning a risky adventure? A lenghty research expedition? A film production in a remote location? Let us focus on the security so you can do what you do best!

When only the best is good enough! Specially trained medical professionals, with substantial outdoor and travel experience, will be there for you before, during, and after your adventure! Contact us for more information!


Testimonials and previous expeditions

Berg och dalar
Sven Hedin (1865 – 1952) was a Swedish explorer and geographer that devoted his life to exploring Central Asia and Tibet. He spent almost 20 years in Asia, mapping such a large unexplored territory that it has never been paralleled in history. The purpose of the present project is to make a series of five expeditions following in the tracks of Hedin, covering his expeditions to Persia, Central Asia and Tibet 1886 – 1935. Read more at svenhedin.com

”In a stressful and, for many, agonizing situation, Dr Kiwanuka remained calm, focused and empathic. She did everything and beyond one could hope for from an expedition medic before, during and after the expedition.”

– Lars Larsson, expedition leader, Sven Hedin Project

”Safe and secure with a swedish expedition medic, dedicated before, during and after the expedition”

– Stefan Ekeroth, expedition participant Kilimanjaro

Solnedgång över Kilimanjaro
Recreational summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, 5895m, Tanzania